Cancer jab discounted in College

By Sarah-Kate Caughey

Trinity’s Cancer Society is eager to nurture awareness within College of the importance of the simple Human Papilloma Virus vaccination procedure that can save a life. The committee aims to ensure that students understand the facts about the vaccine and realise that the benefit to females who receive the full treatment justify the price tag.

The society are providing the cervical cancer jab to Trinity students at a reduced price by running a weeklong clinic starting 25 October to administer the Gardasil vaccination. The health centre charges €390 which is approximately a €200 reduction on the average GP price. Students wishing to avail of this treatment with the College Health Centre are urged to make appointments as soon as possible to ensure they can receive the treatment at the reduced rate.

The society stresses that students worried that they are too old to avail of the vaccine should be aware that sexual history, including unprotected sex and the number of partners, is a more important factor than age.

The vaccination was highlighted by national media last year when the government failed to introduce the vaccine to all 12-year-old girls. Since the vaccine is licensed up to the age of 25, a large bracket of the student population are eligible for the vaccination which will prevent up to 75 percent of most cancer-causing forms of HPV.

The society seeks to raise awareness among students and staff of the benefits of receiving the highly effective vaccination. Further information is available from the Health Centre on 8961556/8961591; Trinity Cancer Society, [email protected]; the National Cancer Helpline on 1800 200 700 and the Irish Cancer Society.