Delaware Republicans reeling

By Jonathan Creasy

On September 14, Tea Party candidate Christine O’Donnell won the Republican Senate primary election in Delaware. This came as shocking news since 18-year veteran congressman Mike Castle had been seen as a sure winner in the state that had previously elected him as Governor.

The Republican establishment was dismayed in the wake of O’Donnell’s victory, aware that a fringe candidate supported by the likes of Sarah Palin has little chance of defeating the Democratic challenger, Chris Coons.

Current Vice-President Joe Biden formerly held the Delaware senate seat now in contention. There is no doubt that establishment Republicans will bemoan the loss of Castle whom they counted on to be one of ten senate seat pickups for Republicans in their bid for a majority.

More pressing for the country at large, however, may be vexation over an increasing number of radical, fringe Tea Party candidates taking over the national political dialogue