Internet providers not responsible for illegal downloads

By Jonathan Creasy

Ireland’s third largest internet service provider, UPC, won a court ruling last Monday after the Irish record industry tried to hold the service provider responsible for its subscribers’ illegal music downloads.

Since Ireland has failed to implement EU copyright laws properly, the judge was unable to grant an injunction against UPC.
Setting aside the inherent embarrassment that Irish regulators have not implemented the law adequately, a more pressing matter exists. Though those who download music illegally may be miffed at the assertion, there must be someway to drastically cut down the amount of music being stolen on the internet. The basic fact is, the more music we steal on the internet, the fewer musicians will be able to support themselves solely by making music.

Now, we are not talking about musicians who sell millions of copies. Rather, we must think of those recording artists who have not got the benefit of mass marketing and international exposure. Surely they deserve their bread as much as any of us?

In the meantime, it appears musicians will just have to string nickels together the old fashioned way – by hittin’ the road.