Problematic printers causing havoc

By Rachel Lavin

Printing machines around the College have been a source of great annoyance to many students in recent weeks. Students have reported that printing service in College is inefficient, with a number of broken printers, and problems with cash machines and the swipe card system. Many students have complained about losing money and having to avail of the expensive printing service in Reads. The situation came to a head last week as Students’ Union President Nikolai Trigoub-Rotnem received over fifty complaints from agitated students when he set up an independent email account, ([email protected]), to deal with the problem.

Trigoub-Rotnem credits the problems to insufficient maintenance staffing and a lack of response by the printing company RICOH. College set up a three-year account with RICOH in 2009 for student and staff printing services. Now only one year into the contract, the College service is being called unsatisfactory.

Trigoub-Rotnem has complained on behalf of the students on several occasions, but even after four meetings with a company representative, reactions are slow. He believes that to truly fix the situation, it is the students that need to complain directly. “RICOH need to see the level of student dissatisfaction with their service, otherwise nothing will change”. RICOH were unavailable for comment.