Wilde enthusiasm for CSC project

By Emma Matthews

The Fourth Week initiative was launched last year by the Central Societies Committee, to highlight the one hundred and six student societies on campus and the central role they play in providing a rich and varied student life in Trinity. Societies are fundamental to the college experience, and Trinity has a particularly rich tradition to be proud of.

To celebrate Fourth Week in style, the CSC designed and executed the Dorian Gray project, which will be launched online during Fourth Week.

The Dorian Gray project was carried out last year, where close to 1000 members of the Trinity community took part during Fourth week. Staff and students had their portraits taken in the Exam Hall; since then each individual portrait has been made into a digital tile, with each tile then being manipulated to produce a large-scale mosaic of front square of College.

The finished piece has been printed and will be hung in the Arts Block in the coming weeks. During Fourth Week, this image will be launched on the CSC website, where it will also be possible to zoom in to view each individual tile up close.
The project is currently being block mounted and will be hung in the Arts Block in the coming weeks.

The second part of the Dorian Gray project will be carried out in 2019, when each individual who took part will be emailed their portrait using his or her College e-mail address.

On top of this marvellous work, the CSC has organised for the Chairperson of each society to be invited to attend commons on Monday night.

This is a chance for them to meet each other, the CSC and members of the college community, and will hopefully allow them to expand their horizons and enable them to work together this year to bring Trinity many more enjoyable society experiences.