A good run so far at Players TGM

Players held its TGM last week. The Chair, Matthew Smyth, stated that the decision to move showings from Monday to Wednesday had been hugely successful, allowing the society to “break even, as opposed to making a crushing, crushing loss.”
It was agreed that six plays of Freshers’ Festival had gone incredibly well, although Smyth apologised for the overbookings which had caused space issues for directors.

Smyth also spoke of his excitement about the “swish” new show relay system that was being installed.

Treasurer Sean Gill then spoke about the decision to record shows for the ongoing digital archive project, stating that it “will be nice to have something to hold on to.”

Festival Co-ordinator Ian Mullins reported that Shakespeare Festival is to go ahead again this year. Last year, it made a profit of €2641.46.

He also said that Players will hold a New Writers Week after Christmas, and later in the year will hold the first Oscar Wilde Festival, in conjunction with the Phil.

A motion for “No Trousers Thursday” was repeatedly shot down by the committee.
Aoife Crowley