Trinity News storm to victory over brave opposition

By Caitriona Murphy

The Univerity Times and Trinity News faced off last week in the name of charity. As part of the Rag week celebrations, Trinity’s two leading newspapers went head to head in a five-a-side football match.
In the bitter cold, team captains Cathal Wogan and Tom Lowe coached their teams in what proved to be a tight match, cheered on by non-sporting members of the two editorial teams. The match rules proved to be highly contested as no one remembered to assign a referee and the first goal of the match, scored by the TN team, was disallowed.
At half-time there was still no clear leader, but the second half of the match proved crucial. Both teams scored one goal apiece before the University Times Galactico’s gained a 2-1 lead.
However, the Trinity News team regrouped and took affirmative action. In the final few minutes of the game, Trinity News scored an impressive two goals and thus, achieved victory. The final score was 3-2.