Those SU election results in full

The Students Union elections, thank fully, are now over. The votes have been counted and verified and we can now announce the winners.

Before we do, however, one thing is worth noting – this year of aroung just 3600 of the 16,000 or so members of the electorate voted or in other words only about 20%. For many this typifies the mind-numbing dullness of the elections; for others it’s a symptom of wider SU apathy. Either way this is a sad state of affairs. Every cloud, however, does have a silver lining – this is the longest possible period of time before it all happens again: rejoice!


James Kelly – 1520

Rory Dunne – 1767

John Tighe – 326 (eliminated after first round and votes redistributed)


David Whelan – 2805

R.O.N – 604


Dan Ferrick – 2973

R.O.N – 481

Spoilt – 168


Andy Haughey – 1400

Emma Walker – 1034 (eliminated after first round and votes redistributed)

Aisling Ní Chonaire – 1530


Owen Bennett – 1489

James Hagan – 1404

Hanah Cogan – 980 (eliminated after first round and voted redistributed)