Welcome to our new home!

That’s right you heard it here first: after endless mind maps, mood boards, spider diagrams and cups of tea the team at Trinity News is proud to announce the re-launch of our website, trinitynews.ie, and what a site it is!

Crucial to the redesign of the website has been an emphasis on accessibility of content and ease of comment. That’s why when you visit the site you’ll not only have access to news and views around college as and when they happen; but you’ll also be able to comment on them, to have your say and get your voice heard.

So if that article about gay rights got you riled, if you don’t agree with that one on internships or if you just want to rant about something you read in the paper hit trinitynews.ie and comment away.

Oh, and don’t forget, Trinity News is completely independent so we won’t edit or block your comments – what you say is what gets posted.

As well as all the top quality student journalism that you find in our print edition, our website will also be home to oodles of unique content.

The beauty of our new site, and the team dedicated to updating it, is that you don’t have to wait a full fortnight to find out what’s happening in college.

We’ve spent the last few months interviewing top celebrities and opinion makers from around the world and you can read all of them first online – from comedy legends Stephen Merchant and David O’Doherty, to international superstars such as Clive Owen and world-famous thinkers like Alain De Botton trinitynews.ie is the home of the interview.

Aside from our brilliant news, sports, features, opinion, science and business sections the new website will also hold a myriad of blogs. When it comes to sex, relationship and lifestyle advice our agony aunt Jamie Elder will be on hand to offer her unique blend of factual information and no-nonsense advice.

For those of you with concentration spans shorter than the girls’ skirts at Coppers we have created our Procrastination Station.

Here you’ll find videos, articles and online games that will help you whittle away boring hours in the library all of which will be updated daily.

Our team of Professional Procrastinators are already busy trawling the web to find the latest and funniest viral videos – so sit back and relax: we’ll get a 2:2 so you don’t have to!

We at Trinity News HQ (a little room above the SU shop) have also cottoned-on to the fact that no-one’s got any money at the moment which is why we’ve teamed-up with the guys at Vavavouch.com to offer unique Dublin-wide deals.

Accessing a deal couldn’t be easier – simply hit-up our site, cruise the available deals, click on the one you want and print-off the voucher. We have made it so simple you don’t even need to sign-up!

We’ve made huge progress with the site, but we’ve got even more plans and you can find out the latest developments by following us on Twitter (@Trinity_News) and by finding us on Facebook.

If you want to get involved with our exciting new website just ping an email to [email protected].