The Procrastination Station – 07/03/12

Welcome to our brand spanking new Procrastination Station: home of the funny, interesting and talked about. Our team of 2:2 getting procrastinators are trawling the web and plucking the very best videos to be uploaded here every day. Enjoy.

A lot has been happening out there over reading week so here is a bumper crop to set you procrastinating in full swing.

Tip Top Adverts – Guardian open journalism: Three Little Pigs advert

Extreme of the day – Go Pro 2 video camera

Fails of February

Dr Suess at Burning Man Festival

Comedy classic of the day – That Mitchell and Webb Look – Homeopathic A&E

Music Video of the day – The big bad wolf – Beware, not for the easily repulsed !

Viral videos of cats are apparently not new – heres one form 1894 !

Human Mattress Dominoes !

Republic of Telly – Damo & Ivor: Session

Jedward Eurosong – Waterline – please make them stop

Worst anchorman ever ?

Pen head, say no more !

Ten Stone Baby (Teased With Chocolate) – (1935)

Trailer of the day – the avengers

Prank of the Day – Remi Gaillard

Music Vid of the Day – Mumford and Sons – “00:16: The moment a lead singer of a band realizes they’ve “made it”.”