The Procrastination Station – 9/03/12

Welcome to our brand spanking new Procrastination Station: home of the funny, interesting and talked about. Our team of 2:2 getting procrastinators are trawling the web and plucking the very best videos to be uploaded here every day. Enjoy.

Music Vid of the day – “DoYaThing” Official Video – Gorillaz featuring Andre 3000 and James Murphy

Archive Footage of the day – Rollerskiing – 1950s

Ad of the day – Dollar shave club

‘Bizarre’ of the day – rainbow road – thanks to Charlie Walker for the link

Short film of the day – “Fresh Guacamole”

Animal Vid of the day – chain surfing dog

Hitler reacts to KONY 2012

Trailer of the day – Homeland

Why You Should Never Celebrate Too Soon

Classic Comedy – Two ronnies – Four Candles

Modern Comedy – My Blackberry Is Not Working! – The One Ronnie