We’re Not Leaving Protest

InDepth Editor, D. Joyce-Ahearne covers the latest youth protest by We’re Not Leaving.

The problem was traced to the source today as students and young workers gathered outside Dáil Éireann to protest the fiscal targeting of young people in Ireland. Organised by We’re Not Leaving, a group championing the sad state of affairs for young people in this country, this protest was something new.

Two doors were placed outside of parliament, one labelled “EMMIGRATION” and the other “€100 PER WEEK”, referencing the options available to young people in Ireland today. Dole for those under 26 was cut in the budget just over a week ago, with those aged 18 to 25 now receiving only €100 a week. The government in part justified the cuts by saying that it was to encourage young people to seek jobs, jobs which, as We’re Not Leaving highlight, are not there.

            We’re Not Leaving is a movement aiming at reinvigorating the unfortunately very inactive attitudes of many young people in Ireland. On November 9th, they are running the Young People’s Assembly at Liberty Hall, to discuss where the youth movement in Ireland must go next.

Visit the facebook page to find out more: https://www.facebook.com/werenotleaving

D. Joyce-Ahearne

D is former Contributing Editor of Trinity News and Trinity Graduate.