Confession box opens on Front Square

Students and passers-by have been taken aback by a confession box set up on Front Square today. The ‘pregnant box’ will be open to the general public from 5pm on Friday, when audience members will be invited to listen in on a series of miniature operas from the central chamber of the installation.

The event, taking place as part of the Discover Research Dublin programme, is a collaboration between Dr. Catherine Conlon from the School of Social Work and Social Policy, and Dr. Evangelia Rigaki from the School of Drama, Film and Music. The operas draw inspiration from Conlon’s research into women’s experiences of concealing pregnancy in contemporary Ireland.

“We all need to confess something, or so we think,” a sign at the side of the box reads. “But what we want to confess tells us as much about us as a society as about our individual needs.”

Catherine Healy

Editor of Trinity News. Interested in politics, history and all forms of media.