Campus residents locked out in administrative blunder


Dozens of campus residents found themselves locked out of their campus apartments on Wednesday after finding that their key cards no longer worked.

Affected students were informed by the Accommodation Office that they might not have paid their rent in full and most were promptly reissued with new key cards. Many of the confused residents claim to have paid their rent in full but this had failed to show up on the system.

In a further blunder, at least one student was not automatically reissued with his key card because his Goldsmith apartment had been taken off the system.

According to, a conventional landlord must allow tenants in arrears at least 28 days, or seven if anti-social behaviour is involved, to pay the amount. Subsequently a written, signed and dated notice of termination must be issued to the tenant detailing the intended date of eviction and their right to take up any aspects of the eviction with the Private Residential Tenancies Board.

Despite allegations of non-payment of rent, it does not seem as if any of these legal procedures were followed. The Accommodation Office said it was not in a position to comment on the incident when contacted today.

James Wilson

News Editor