EcoEvo@TCD wins at the Irish Blog Awards

Science HeaderSive Finlay

EcoEvo@TCD won the title of “Best Science and Technology Blog” at the Irish Blog Awards. The prize was accepted by the blog’s administrators, Adam Kane and Sive Finlay at an awards ceremony on the 4th of October.

Written by the staff and students of the School of Natural Sciences, EcoEvo@TCD ( covers a wide range of topics in ecology, evolution, new research and science news. Posts include updates on current research in diverse fields such as plant-pollinator networks, animal behaviour, parasitology, ecosystem stability, palaeontology and biodiversity research. We also publish advice pieces with hints and tips to help students and researchers to navigate the perils of academic life. Many of these come from our interesting discussions in NERD club: the weekly meeting of the Networks in Ecology/Evolution research Discussion group. Another popular feature is the series of posts by Senior Sophister Zoology and Functional Biology students about the Evolutionary Biology and Ecology seminars in the School.

Speaking about the award, Professor Yvonne Buckley, Chair of Zoology said, “The knowledge that we gain through our research and education can have a much bigger impact on the world if it is transmitted and used. This award is really encouraging for our staff and students who contribute to the blog, it’s great to see their communication activities recognised.”

You can also follow the blog on Twitter (@EcoEvoTCD) and Facebook (EcoEvo@TCD) to find out more about their research, science communication activities and other ecology/evolution-related musings.