Extended 24 hour library to open next week

news1The extended 24 hour library is set to open to students on Monday, when the first three floors of the Ussher complex will become available for overnight study.

The opening comes after months of work converting the second and third floors of the library to ensure it could remain open to students 24 hours a day. Up until now, the 24 hour library consisted only of the first floor.

Work on the project was due to start in January 2014, but instead began in early June of last year. Helen Shenton, Trinity’s head librarian, has said that the delay in opening the facility to the public relates to the installation of CCTV cameras on the second and third floor. They are already a fixture on the first floor of the Ussher.

Five evacuation staircases were also installed for the safety of students upon the recommendation of the College Security and Safety officer. More desks, each fitted with light and power points, have also been added to maximise study space.

The new study space –  which is known as Kinsella Hall, after Trinity alumnus Eric Kinsella donated to the project – “enables ‘marathon’ research and study periods, and the demand for it came directly from the students,” Provost Patrick Prendergast said in his speech at its official opening in October.

Despite the delay in opening the new facility to students, Shenton has said that she remains confident that there are still sufficient study spaces available to cater for every student’s needs, adding that the library monitors use of space very carefully.