Education profile – SU elections 2015

indepth1Molly Kenny is running unopposed for the position of education officer this year. She is a third-year mechanical and manufacturing engineering student and is the current SU faculty convenor for engineering, maths and science. A former member of the SU Welfare Committee and Constitutional Review Sub-committee, Kenny currently sits on the University Council, Faculty Executive, Education Committee and Union Forum. She was named Representative of the Year at USI Student Awards 2013 for her work as first-year class rep for Engineering. Outside of the SU, she haspreviously been active on the College Historical Society’s committee, assisting in theorganisation of their annual maidens debating competition.

If elected, Kenny’s main goal will be to get College to adopt a more student focused approach to its development. As part of this policy, she wants to create student space in the planned College Business Centre. She also proposes to facilitate more thorough debate of SU matters by having them discussed by smaller forums within the SU,s uch as faculty assemblies. Among her other aims is the provision of extendible skills workshops for students, in areas such as barista training and basic finance, and to improve upon the quality of training received by SU convenors, along with the implementation of office hours for convenors.

Watch our interview with Molly here:

Photo: Kevin O’Rourke