Ents profiles – SU elections 2015

indepth1Katie Cogan, David Gray and Conor Parle are the three candidates contesting the position of Ents officer this year.

Cogan is a third-year student of functional biology and the head presenter of Trinity TV.

She is also a class rep, the secretary of DU DJ Soc, co-presenter of TFM science show still.in.sane, and an S2S mentor. Among the social events she plans to introduce are a freshers’ week sports day, a new year’s eve celebration and specific events for first years.

Final-year law and business student David Gray works on the Ents team as events and nights manager.

He is also an active member of Law Soc, DU DJ and Snowsports. Open mic nights, a monthly gig series, a revamped Ents night, a creative space for student musicians and bands, and a two-day Trinity comedy festival will all be on his agenda if elected.

Conor Parle, a final-year maths and economics student, has been involved in societies including SoFia and the Germanic Society, as well as having volunteering experience with S2S and the Voluntary Tuition Programme.

He plans, if elected, to hold regular LGBTQ+ events, town hall meetings, introduce international festival deals, and improve support for students suffering from the effects of substance and alcohol abuse.

Watch the three candidates go head to head in our video debate: