Trinity VDP light up campus

Crowds brave rain and wind to attend annual Christmas tree lighting

NEWSTonight, at 5 o’clock, the students and staff of Trinity braved the rain and cold to watch the Christmas tree lighting on Front Square.

College Singers serenaded the crowd, as umbrellas were blown inside out and security guards along with the Gardaí stood by laughing.


The Provost, Patrick Prendergast, took to the stage, and thanked all those involved in the organisation of the event- especially catering who were handing out free coffee, mulled wine, and mince pies from the Buttery, and collecting money for charity. The queues to get into the Buttery were extremely long – running the full length of front square.

Members of the VDP society were invited to flip the switch on the lights- the committee will be very busy over the next two weeks, organising their Christmas charity drive. A huge cheer went up as the count down ended and the tree lit up.

The Provost then reminded the crowd that there was only a little time left until the holiday break, and to work hard until the end of the term. He then called for one more cheer, and invited everyone gathered to sing at the top of their voices.


The crowd quickly dissipated after it was all over, searching for shelter from the stormy weather. Some groups remained behind however, snapping pictures with the tree and each other despite the cold.