Trinity named 40th “most international” university in world

Times Higher Education released its rankings for the top 200 most internationally outward-looking institutions for 2015-2016 this morning

NEWSTimes Higher Education, THE, revealed its World University Rankings Data for the top 200 most internationally outward-looking institutions for 2015-2016 this morning, ranking Trinity College Dublin in 40th place.

Trinity has been assigned a score of 90.5% for its “international outlook,” tying it with University of British Columbia in Canada and University of Auckland in New Zealand. The Royal College of Surgeons is the next Irish institution to appear on the list in 46th place with an international score of 90.1%. University College Dublin ranks at 76th place, followed by Dublin City University in 139th place, National University of Ireland, Galway in 140th and University of Limerick in 141st.

Qatar University comes in at first place on the list for its international representation, while the UK is the nation with the most universities on the list overall.

Following Qatar University, the next four ranking institutions include University of Luxembourg, University of Hong Kong, École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne and University of Geneva, the latter two both from the nation of Switzerland. Oxford and Cambridge are ranked at 18th and 36th place respectively.

The data is compiled by reviewing each university’s proportion of international staff, percentage of international students and volume of research papers that it publishes where at least one co-author is from another country other than the one in which the university is based. All institutions featured in the top 800 of the overall World University Rankings by THE were considered for this list.

The high ranking of Trinity College in the data comes after Provost Patrick Prendergast’s 2014-2019 Strategic Plan to more than double the number of non-EU students studying at the college. The Plan outlines a desired growth of students from outside the EU from 7.8% to 18% by 2019.

Una Harty

Úna is a third year Nanoscience student and Trinity Life editor for Trinity News.