Jailbreak 2016 Liveblog

Our news team covers the highs, lows and standstills from Jailbreak 2016.


Jailbreak 2016 is a global race of over 100 teams of two students each. The teams have two days to get from Collins’ Barracks in Dublin to a mystery location, which will be revealed in Jailbreak HQ at 9 o’clock on Saturday morning. The catch? The teams can’t use any money to get there. These students will have to beg, borrow and swindle their way onto planes, boats or even buses to get where they’re going. Last year, the winning team arrived at Lake Bled in Slovenia just six minutes after the team in second place.

Watch this space for live coverage of the event over the next two days. Jailbreak 2016 is in aid of Amnesty International and Society St. Vincent de Paul. To donate, visit jailbreakhq.org or text ‘jailbreak’ to 50300.

Dee Courtney

Dee was Online Editor of Trinity News and a senior sophister History and Political Science student.

Una Harty

Úna is a third year Nanoscience student and Trinity Life editor for Trinity News.