Diary of a Fresher

As the week hits halfway point, our Freshers find themselves settling in and beginning to find their bearings in the city and at College

Wednesday 21 September:

Geoffrey Keating, Junior Freshman Nanoscience:

After sleeping past my first alarm this morning, waking only to a phone call from my parents, I eventually found it within myself to bring myself out of my cosy duvet and wander sleepily towards the kitchen to get a quick breakfast at 6:30am! I departed from Halls to take the Luas to my 9am orientation meeting. Meeting my class for the first time was exciting, and I enjoyed the S2S tour around a few buildings, such as the Berkeley Library.

Straight after, I found myself surrounded by lots of people in Front Square persuading me to join their clubs and societies and I fell victim to their attempts. Currently I have joined 20 clubs/societies – maybe even more! I readily signed up to clubs whose sports I never have tried before, such as the Rifle Club and Table Tennis Club – just one step I have taken so far to broaden my horizons. I also joined the SVDP society to hopefully try my hand at some voluntary work. The square was jam-packed with students throughout the entire morning and the atmosphere was electric.

Today, I finally fulfilled a promise I had made to myself all year long, a promise to visit the famous Trinity Library and The Book of Kells. I know it may sound strange, but you could sense the history of Trinity College on entering the Long Hall. I was utterly awestruck by the sheer number of old books perched on the gigantic wooden shelves, and by the vastness of the hall itself. It’s safe to say it was a memorable occasion.
Following lunch in the Buttery, I found myself in the Fitzpatrick Building at a social event with DU Mathsoc. Everyone was super welcoming and having a good time getting to know each other. I have attended many an event held by the various societies throughout the week, such as those organised by the Phil and the Hist, and indeed the JCR at Halls. Overall, I originally did not know what to expect on arrival to Dublin but I can now say with absolute certainty that with the help of a warm and supportive Trinity community, I feel as though I almost never even left my home in Limerick.

Gerry Doherty, Junior Freshman Modern Irish and Theological Studies:

The past week has been a fun time, including experiences such as going to clubs as a non-drinker (yes, I still have fun, Sunday night’s rave was the favourite), learning independence and having to rely on O2 UK 3G and the McDonald’s Wi-Fi in Rathmines to stay in touch with everyone at home in Derry.

It’s true from a fresh(er) perspective that the size of Dublin keeps doublin’ and doublin’. On early Wednesday morning, I got the Luas to St Stephen’s Green and walked to Busáras  to meet my father, who had extra supplies for me. I managed to walk the same route to the Luas and bring him to the (surprisingly tidy) flat of mine where Club Chonradh, Diceys and CarnivLaw attendees were slowly resurrecting. We walked back again to get the souvenirs he needed at College Green and in Carroll’s on O’Connell Street.

I managed to return my father to the Busáras, but only to find out that his bus was leaving at 6pm  instead of 2pm, so I offered to stay with him but he urged me on to go back to College for my Modern Irish orientation, which I reluctantly accepted. I entered College and found the designated room on the 5th floor of the Arts Building. I found out that of the 25 or so fellow students that were there, three of them were male (I have no qualms about this). The talk was very informative and I decided to register to study the Irish language dialect of Munster for Teanglann, because after 7 years hearing one Northern dialect, I feel up to the challenge.

I left College to say goodbye to my father, only to find other that he had just gotten an earlier bus, so I walked to the Quay to wave him off. As I did, my prayers were answered as College finally took my student contribution, allowing me to complete online registration and get the things I need like my Tcard and Leap Card. Typically this has led to further problems, as I cannot connect to either the TCD WiFi yet or the WiFi in my apartment, meaning I can’t print the supporting documentation to get either a Leap Card or TCard.

So, I conclude this article with my empty pot noodle and heavy eyelids, having missed the Freshers’ ball  just to let you guys know how I’m getting on as a fresher at Trinity. I sincerely hope you all have a ball this week.

Tá Gaeilge agus Fáilte mhór romhaibh uilig liom i ndáiríre, am ar bith,  áit ar bith, fiú meáin ar bith!

Keeping it Legenderry.

Emma Rodgers, Junior Freshman English and Sociology:

Congratulations, you’ve made it almost all of the way through fresher’s week! I’m an international student hailing from Weston, Massachusetts. I  had my English course orientation meeting today, so if you were looking for me at 9.00am this morning I was not happily tucked up under my duvet, but rather walking into the lecture hall late…oops.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my week so far, having had a stupendous time drinking tea and eating food with friends at K.C. Peaches (aka the best café/restaurant ever, aka my life, aka a haven of healthy and wholesome foods, aka the place where all of you should go eat). We have spent a lot of our time contrasting life at home with life here in Ireland – for instance the differences between secondary school here and high school in the States, such as different protocol on attire and uniforms.

Having already settled on our regular haunt, many funny memories have already been crafted in the past few days. Getting a friend to see three of us waving frantically at her from the top floor while she was on Dame street waiting to cross (we may or may not have cheered rather loudly when she finally looked up), or clearing the room within the restaurant because we were talking and laughing so loudly. They say laughter is food for the soul and I can certainly attest to that.

It’s also been a new experience living independently for the first time – finally cleaning my room, and doing adult things like going to the bank, before proceeding to call my dad to help me with such adult things because let’s be real, I’m not an actual adult. I even made a healthy snack rather than eating the remainder of my chocolate bar (although I doubt it will make it through the night).

Exploring the city, I came across  a cool store full of rare books (one of them was given from a suitor to his lover in 1853!), it also had that beautiful old book smell. You know, the dusty, dank, slightly sweet smell that wafts upwards when you flip through the pages? I love that smell.
Last but certainly not least I will be going to Fresher’s ball tonight (it is not, unfortunately, a ball like in Cinderella but it’ll have to do) and then falling asleep at far too late an hour only to wake up the next day and soothe the pounding headache with caffeine and aspirin.