Phil bring the glitz and glamour with club Philth

Phil Freshers’ week night with Q-Soc & TAF at the Grand Social follows up first debate of the year

Club Philth, the annual Freshers’ Week extravaganza of drinking and debauchery co-hosted this year by the Phil, Trinity Arts Festival and Q-Soc, took place on Thursday evening. Over 800 Trinity students descended upon the Grand Social for a Studio 54-inspired party that proved to be a true highlight of the busy Trinity Freshers’ schedule. Despite an unusual absence from the Ents Calendar, any lingering doubts that this year might not match the high standard of previous editions were conclusively swept aside by a night of fun and festivity, translating the energy of Freshers’ Week into a party that showed no signs of flagging even as the hours ticked on.


Revellers were ably guided by DJ Deece and took the dress-to-impress philosophy of Club Philth to heart. Fur, lace and feathers joined the traditional assortment of cropped and tied Phil t-shirts and of course, a healthy dose of sparkle, while the range rooms provided vibes to suit any mood. Conversations in the Garden, parties in the Loft and tequila shots at the many bars provided the perfect opportunity to let loose as Freshers Week drew to a close. As the shimmering night progressed, tops were torn, dignities shattered, and friendships forged in the fires of Philth.


I for one was left with a sore head, glitter everywhere, and a severe sense of precisely what he’d been missing out on all of these years.