Strong attendance at Campaign Hub launch

Kieran McNulty, TCDSU President launches ‘Campaign Hub’ to help support and coordinate student activism on campus


Last night saw the launch of TCDSU’s ‘Campaign Hub’ at the dining hall. There were speakers from various groups and campaigns, introduced by TCDSU President Kieran McNulty, who also spoke. Speakers included representatives from TCDSU Repeal the 8th Committee, Gender Equality Officer Rachel Skelly, Claire Dowling from Scholars at Risk and representatives of Fossil Free TCD, whose presentation also included an element of theatre.


Attendance fluctuated during the event between 200 and 300 students. Free food and beverages were provided, and the event was followed by an Ents club night labelled ‘Anarchist’. In a statement to Trinity News, McNulty said he “thought it went superbly, I was really happy to see such engagement with the campaigns we’re running.” Many of the campaigns, such as the Repeal the 8th Committee and Fossil Free TCD were founded in the last two years amongst an upsurge in student activism in Trinity. McNulty said he hoped “it’s the start of the SU running good campaigns that advocate for change, both within College and in the outside community.”

UPDATE: This article was amended for accuracy on the 28th September.

Oisin Vince Coulter

Oisin was Editor for the 63rd volume of Trinity News. He is a Philosophy and Classical Civilisations graduate.