This House Does Not Regret Going to Law Society’s Comedy Debate

A combination of self-deprecating humour and a slandering of online millennial culture provided the basis for the speakers’ hilarious and even thought-provoking speeches

‘’Millennials only like hashtags because they look like potato waffles’’ – the line that launched the flurried removal of mobiles from pockets to tweet and check in at LawSoc’s Comedy debate in the GMB Chamber on Tuesday.

With law professor and all-around silver­fox Neville Cox in the chair, it was very clear who the proposing millennials were in the room, as Tom Cantillon spent most of the introduction checking his Instagram (@tomcantillon, he has a 10/10 dog).

Occasionally bordering on the macabre, the debate went into the darker elements of being a millennial in the world. Hannah Beresford discussing how her social media strategy to ensure maximum likes on her statuses and profile pictures was just a bleak attempt to project the image of belonging.

Sam Killian had a small emotional breakdown at the podium that was well received with chuckles all around as he screamed the words ‘’I LOATHE MYSELF’’ repeatedly. Guest comedians from, George Fox and David Reilly, talked about how their job making YouTube videos depended on the survival and thriving nature of millennials.

Tom Cantillon spoke last, secure in the knowledge he had reached double figures on his Instagram. With jeans as tight as his wit, he opened with a haiku:

“Millennials, huh?
That’s a funny debate theme

Discussing millennial inventions, Tom spoke about first­-aid kits for bees, which can be attached to keys. If you come across a sick bee, they release nectar to help them fly again.This reporter was very invested and ignored the rest of the speech in favour of buying the product on her mobile, in true millennial fashion.

To view the full comedy debate click here.