FRESH to the Cobblestones: DU General Science Society

Deputy Trinity Life editor Megan Thompson speaks to Conor Rossi, PRO of the newest society on campus, SciSoc

Pro Conor Rossi and Chair Fiona Waters of DU SciSoc welcoming one of their guest speakers, Kevin Nolan.


This year has seen the introduction of many new societies with one of those being the DU General Science Society.

Speaking about their formation, Public Relations Officer Conor Rossi explained that “most courses have their own society, English has the LitSoc and B.E.S.S. have DUBES and while there are societies dedicated to different branches of Science there was no society for General Science.” Upon creating The DU General Science Society, Rossi expressed his gratitude to to the C.S.C for their help in the foundation of the society. The C.S.C. requirements mean that each society must have their own niche unique to those of any other existing society.

Discussing the society’s debut Freshers’ Week, Rossi was thrilled with the positive response toward the society from first years all the way up to Senior Sophomores. “It was a busy week as we were learning the ropes but we had an incredible response and it was amazing to see so many people interested.” Speaking about the goals of the society, Rossi expressed that they wish to promote science throughout the college and to give those with any level of experience in science, advanced or none at all, the opportunity to dive in and explore what interests them.

“The society is not just for those who are studying science or studied it in school. It is for anyone who is interested in science at any level.”

DU SciSoc hopes to encourage anyone with an interest and try and quash the concept of science being intimidating and something only a selective few can understand and enjoy. Already seeing a positive response, Rossi reflected happily on their most recent event ‘An Emerging Cosmic Perspective’ with Kevin Nolan of the Planetary Society. Rossi spoke about how one of the most enthusiastic people in attendance was a politics student. The society is not stopping there as Rossi shared his excitement for their upcoming event.

“We are planning on inviting a speaker in to discuss some of the science behind cancer for Cancer Week and hopefully the Cancer Society will get behind us for that one. We are also planning an event called Famelab which will invite young scientists come in to communicate an idea in a palatable and exciting way. We also have a number of social events planned for the year such as a Science Ball.”

Whether it be an academic event or a social event the DU SciSoc is the society to join if you have any curiosity about science. If you interested in the vastness of space or are curious about the workings of genetics, DU SciSoc is the place explore science and let your interest grow.