Magnified societies: Trinity Fashion Society

Aoife McColgan reviews the Fashion Society and gives the low- down of what the society has planned for the year ahead


Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll have heard of the most stylish, sophisticated society on campus – the Trinity Fashion Society. Describing themselves as an “exciting and active society at the heart of Trinity life”, this is a society that seeks to meet the needs of even the most demanding fashion diva, with their events throughout the year ranging from styling and photoshoots, to the greatly anticipated London Fashion Week trip.

As well as providing a “creative outlet for every fashion-inclined student in Trinity College”, Fashion Soc aim to get their members exclusive invites to events which have previously included the Launch Party at Benefit on Fleet Street. With massive discounts and free champagne, what more could you ask for? Their Facebook and blog posts keep us in the know vis á vis Gucci’s new collection, Yves Saint Laurent’s latest models and the most recent fashion faux pas at LFW.  If you have yet to get involved with the society but this sounds right up your street, then listen up for the details on Fashion show, arguably one of the staple events in the college calendar. By now, the society are experts at putting together a pristine and polished show, and every year the show has grown in scale and status.

Each year the Fashion Society holds this memorable event in support of their chosen charity; last year, this was MSF Ireland. A theme is chosen, which is kept top-secret until last minute, and fitting pieces are chosen from not only esteemed designers, but also more affordable high-street stores like Topman and French Connection. These are then effortlessly put together by the enthusiastic stylists and worn by the gorgeous models who storm the catwalk. With a drinks reception to start and an after-party to finish, it would be foolish to miss this incredible event. It’s also likely that you bump into a few local celebrities, with names such as Irish designer Lorna Burton and the cast of Fade Street having attended past events. Although the location and date are yet to be disclosed, society insiders recommended we keep the end of November free..

Carla King-Molina, the President of the Fashion Society, expressed her excitement for this year’s show, saying  “This is the third time I’ve been involved with the fashion show. Not only is it an incredible night, but it supports a charity our whole committee feels so strongly about. It is wonderful to see how many friendships form after people volunteer to run the show and the creativity and savvy everyone displays is truly inspiring!”

If you’re looking to show off your top-notch styling abilities, your artistic production skills or even your runway strut á la Naomi Campbell, be sure to get in touch via their facebook page. Alternatively, if you’d rather sip champagne, eat canapés and watch the awe-inspiring collection put together by your fellow students then this is also perfect for you!