Review: YogaSoc’s Free Morning Yoga

Trinity Life gets stretching for YogaSoc’s Fourth Week event


At the mention of yoga, the typical student’s visceral reaction is ‘Namaste in bed.’ However, Trinity College yogis of all proportions, age groups and abilities peeled themselves from between the sheets this morning to attend Yogasoc’s Free Morning Yoga and Breakfast event at 9am. Some yoga warriors arrived as early as 8.30am as spaces were limited. 128 clicked attending on the Facebook event, and the venue only allows for 25 participants.

The vitality in the Atrium was palpable as everyone signed into the event, chatting about how productive they felt having awoken so early. The stresses of the day had yet to take their effect, and  so spirits were high. The yoga mats, which are provided by Yogasoc for free, were laid out and the class got underway.

The practice was led by Isabelle, a visiting practitioner who trained in the Elbowroom, a modern and established yoga studios in Stoneybatter. All yoga teachers vary in style, but hers perfectly suited the mood. The class was led through a medley of breathing exercises, gentle stretches and balances, aimed to foster positive energy for the day ahead.

By the end of the practice, stomachs were definitely grumbling for the breakfast, the preparation of which could be heard in the room next door. The spread was fantastic; the Yogasoc committee provided for all tastes.

Croissants and brioche rolls were devoured alongside almond milk yogurt and raspberries. Those who were lucky enough to attend the class chatted happily to each other and members of the committee between munches.

Aside from their annual Yoga Retreat in February and the weekly classes they provide, this was Yogasoc’s first true ‘event’. Usually, the committee remains wholly anonymous to its members. Due to the success of this event, however, they hope to arrange more social gatherings in the future.

Membership is only a fiver and you get your first class for free. If you missed out on this experience, there is an 8.30am class on a Tuesday that you can try out. Energy, new friends and exercise? Namaste on the mat for the year, not just for Fourth Week.