Harmony at ‘Clash of the Tones’

Trinity’s a capella group, the Trinitones, host a note-worthy evening of musical performances with their Australian counterparts, the Tiger Tones


On Friday night, the Bello Bar in Portobello hosted ‘Clash of the Tones’ which saw Trinity’s own a cappella group, the Trinitones, battle it out against the Tiger Tones, who hail from Melbourne, Australia. The event was a sell-out, evident in the packed out underground music venue, an intimate location which provided a perfect setting for the evening.

trinitones_2The night kicked off with a comedy sketch from Trinitones’ Sam White and Neil Dunne, with the rugby centric sketch featuring ‘George Hook’ getting the crowd going. The Trinitones gave the honour of opening the event to the Tiger Tones. The Aussies took to the stage to start off the night with an a cappella version of Flo-Rida’s’ ‘My House’, an ironic nod to just how far they were from their own turf. The Tigers went on to sing more pop classics, each as well received as the next by the audience.

The Trinitones then took the stage from the Tiger Tones following a warm and rowdy welcome from friends and family in the audience.  They opened with ‘Happy’ and continued on to perform Drake’s ‘Hotline Bling’, with first year student Barra MacMahon taking centre stage. MacMahon’s experience and aptitude shone through, showcasing just how much talent the Trinitone members possess. It was without doubt one of the highlights of the evening. The entertainment continued throughout the evening as the Trinity group impressed the crowd song after song.

trinitones_1Midway through the event, the Trinitones presented the Tiger Tones with a gift as a reminder of home, a jar of Vegemite.  The jar provided plenty amusement as it was serenaded multiple times by the Tiger Tones. Trinitones member Fionn McGorry, an Australian native himself, went on to do a Vegemite breakfast demo on stage, getting more laughs out of the audience and fellow singers.

The Tiger Tones went on to perform more popular songs such as ‘Brown Eyed Girl’, ‘Sweet Caroline’ and ‘The Lion Sleeps Tonight’. The Australians displayed the flair they brought from down under as they nailed song after song, with the audience appearing to enjoy them all.  The two groups switched again and the Trinitones took the stage to perform Queen B’s ‘Love on Top’, followed up by an a cappella versions of Kanye West’s finest, ‘Homecoming ’ and ‘Heartless’, proving that not only can they can also rap when they get down to it.

The performances of both groups were brought to a close as the Trinitones presented the Tiger Tones with a bottle of Jameson whiskey, bringing on a speech from the Australians. After stellar performances from both groups, the highlight of the night was saved until last. The two groups came together on stage to sing an emotional and rousing version of ‘The Auld Triangle’, with solos from many of the members, both Irish and Australian. Following a night full of raw talent from both groups, the final song showcased the skill each of the singers on stage possessed. The power and emotion with which they performed the Dubliners classic certainly ended the night on a high note.

Mary Hartnett

Mary Hartnett is the current Managing Editor of Trinity News. She is a Senior Sophister BESS student, and a former Trinity Life Editor.