Magnified societies: Straight to the core

Trinity Life gets the low-down on the society that will bend over backwards to make sure you stay fit, healthy and happy throughout the year.


Feeling the stretch with essays, assignments and group projects? Finding it hard to muster the motivation to venture inside the doors of the gym? Need a way to stay fit, relaxed and make pals all at the same time? Yoga Soc is your answer.

This week, I spoke to the Public Relations Office of the Yoga Society, Lia Grogan, to find out more about the most chilled society on campus. The Trinity Yoga Society is led by students who have a passion for yoga, and want to provide yoga classes at discount prices for Trinity students and staff. Classes are led by one of the four fully qualified yoga teachers, who each have their own unique style and flair.

There are six classes per week, and each one-hour class costs only four euro. Not only will you get in shape, learn how to manage stress and increase your confidence, but Yoga Soc provides a relaxed and fun environment to meet new people: “We bring a social side to Yoga, that is difficult to create outside of a society setting,” said Grogan: “Recently, we held a fourth week event which offered a free morning yoga class, followed by breakfast and chats. Post-yoga class creates a relaxed atmosphere for getting to know people who have similar interests and hobbies. We are planning to hold more socially focused events this year.”

The major and most exciting event of the Yoga Soc calendar is the annual yoga retreat to Gyreum Ecolodge in Co. Sligo: “A bus full of yoga enthusiasts travel to enjoy a weekend of relaxation and yoga,” explains Grogan: “The trip takes place at the beginning of Reading Week in Hilary term. A yoga teacher accompanies us to Sligo and teachers approximately 4 classes per day. The rest of our time is spent reading, relaxing, socializing, walking in the countryside and enjoying some good food. There is something truly magical about the venue in the Sligo countryside, and the atmosphere between the people there. It is an event not to be missed!” Last year, this trip cost €80 which included, food, accommodation, transport and yoga classes. If you haven’t already been convinced to rush to the next available class, then just listen to what some of the Yoga Soc team love about their practice;

Chairperson of the society, Rachel Maher, says that her favourite part is: “The fact that you can completely take the practice at your own pace. Being able to see your own progress as you improve is unbelievably satisfying. TCD Yoga Soc is such a brilliant society, with members from all different courses, ages and backgrounds.” Ordinary Committee Member, Aine Palmer, says that yoga has helped her appreciate and care for her body more than ever before: “My yoga practice has helped me learn and understand more about my body, and it’s strengths and limitations – from uneven legs to a stretchy spine.”

If this sounds right up your street, then head over to the Yoga Soc Facebook page to find out class times. You can join the society for five euro, which includes one free class (which you can claim at any point throughout the year).