PJs and penguin poop at TFM’s broadcast party

Róisín Doyle-Bakare attended Trinity FM’s monthly broadcast party on Thursday, greeted by dinosaur onesies, penguin poop and a game of giant connect-four.


“It was an unusual combination of Tesco’s finest drinking chocolate, 7-up and Revero, both white and rosé, all thrown into a cup and incinerated in a microwave.”

I must admit that when I first heard about the Trinity FM Pajama and Broadcast party, I was apprehensive about wearing my onesie. Instead, I opted for my shaggiest tracksuit bottoms and cosiest jumper to ease the underlying fear that I would be the only one in nightwear (despite their mentioning in the event description that this fear is completely unwarranted).

However, upon arrival I was greeted by an array of onesies and felt instant regret at my decision. I beheld a dinosaur, a zebra and Superman, to name but a few. As soon as I entered the room, I was welcomed with a cup of rosé, a packet of Tayto crisps and quickly found myself chatting to a group of friendly TFM committee members.

Much to my dismay, my fashionably late arrival meant that the box of Celebrations had been completely devoured, but the free alcohol made up for this ten times over. Snack and drink in hand, wearing my comfiest clothing, watching Charlie Brown ice skating on a projector in the background, I instantly felt at home.

Unfortunately, a kettle malfunction meant that there was a shortage of promised hot chocolate, but thankfully this resulted in the timely birth of a revolutionary drink coined “penguin poop”. Don’t be alarmed- it’s surprisingly not as bad as it sounds. That being said, it was an unusual combination of Tesco’s finest drinking chocolate, 7-up and Revero, both white and rosé, all thrown into a cup and incinerated in a microwave. I was aptly warned to ignore the smell and the name, and was assured that it tasted somewhat like mulled wine to ease my apprehension. Surprisingly, it did indeed have the familiar taste of the Christmas mulled drink, though I can’t say I will be voluntarily making a cup for myself any time soon.

Following my introduction to this eccentric homemade beverage, I observed a game of giant connect-four between TFM’s Helen MacMahon and junior freshman Emma Rodgers. During the intense match, Helen chose to take advice from friend Fred Gryson in determining her next move. This in fact was not her smartest decision, as it resulted in her loss. Helen said of the incident: “I feel betrayed by my fellow TFM’er, but in moments like this you find out who your real friends are.” Hurt, betrayed, and misled, Helen did not request a rematch.

Chairperson Clare Martin explained that the purpose of their monthly broadcast parties was to celebrate the dedication of all those involved in the extra work needed to make broadcast week happen. For one week every month, Trinity FM go on air with 20 extra hours compared to their regular hours online at trinityfm.com.

This is no easy task, and the broadcast parties appear to be a great way for the community to come together and celebrate their hard work and preparations. So make sure to tune in to 97.3FM this week and check out their website to listen live from 3pm to midnight every weekday. I also highly recommend becoming a member of their all-inclusive society (if you have not already done so) by bringing yourself and 3 to the studio at the top of House 6.

The pajama theme chosen for this month’s party was a huge success, so here’s hoping upcoming parties continue the newfound tradition of pj’s and penguin poop to relax after a long and successful week of broadcasting.