DUCAC runs €40,000 deficit in 2015/16

The organisation funded the deficit by drawing on their €80,000 surplus from 2014/15


Dublin University Central Athletics Club (DUCAC), the body that regulates and funds sports clubs in Trinity, ran a 40,000 deficit in the year 2015/16, according to accounts shared with Trinity News. DUCAC largely funded this deficit by drawing on the 80,000 surplus the body ran in 2014/15. In this way, the capitated body managed to keep expenditure roughly constant with the previous year, at around 540,000.

DUCAC receives most of its revenue from the College Capitation Committee but supplements this income with a proportion of the profits from the Pavilion Bar, as well as income from other sources.

Although DUCAC’s overall spend remained much the same in 2015/16 as a year earlier, a higher fraction went towards the running of DUCAC and less went to club expenditure. One factor responsible for this is DUCAC spending 145,000 on salaries in 2016, 20,000 more than in 2015. Club expenditure fell overall, as higher spending on coaching (totaling 100,000 in 2016) was outweighed by lower spending on equipment and affiliation fees.

Excluding the Pavilion Bar’s contribution directly to sports facilities development, overall income for DUCAC fell slightly year on year due to lower miscellaneous income and lower affiliate college capitation.

Capitation income however increased by just over 2% to 343,294 in 2015/16. Income generated from club subscriptions remained stable at just over 13,000.

The Pav contributed 90,000 to DUCAC’s operating expenses in 2015/16, down 10,000 from the year before.

The Pavilion Bar increased sales in 2015/16 by 9,000 to 877,002. Drinks sales fell by over 20,000 to 726,255, but the Pav made up for this drop by increasing food sales by 30,000. The bar spent considerably more on wages, insurance, advertising and staff training in 2015/16 and also spent almost 45,000 on refurbishment.

In 2015/16, DUCAC made a 45,000 contribution towards ‘state of the art outdoor sports facilities’ the body is developing in conjunction with Trinity’s Department of Sport and Recreation. DUCAC committed to providing a total of 250,000 for this purpose on a phased basis. As of June 2016, it had contributed 170,000, of which 145,000 came from the Pavilion Bar’s profits.

The accounts were audited by Leonard Accountancy, of Lower Dundrum Road, Dublin 14.