Top Posts of 2016

As we move forward into 2017, Trinity News rounds up the ten most popular articles of the term

10. Tír gan teanga, tír gan ainm?

“If Irish people in 2016 define aspects of life which are “not the place” for Irish to be heard, and where the national language is reduced to being a hobby of a few enthusiasts with time on their hands, Ireland’s independence is hollow; a tragically incomplete dream of dead patriots.”

Féidhlim Mac Róibín argues that the bitter attitude towards the Irish language is rooted in deep national self-doubt.

9. The naked truth about porn addiction

young man watching porn in his tablet

“Porn engenders silence because porn addiction operates in the shadows, feeding on shame and isolation. We cannot allow this silence to prevail. Like never before, porn is readily available and accessible to anyone with a smartphone.”

Daniel Broderick recounts his personal experiences with porn addiction and outlines how to the taboo around the issue makes it difficult to combat.

8. Meet Herman: Trinity Hall’s feline resident


Illustration: Sinaoife Andrews

“The Halls Cat is in fact named Herman, the pet of assistant warden, Thomas Archer, who adopted him along with his brother Coco from the DSPCA when he made his move to Halls in 2010. Upon arrival, Herman and Coco were even more eager to make friends and interact with new people than the fresh-faced freshers, escaping out of the bathroom window of Oldham House at night to explore and discover.”

Halls resident Alice Forbes investigates the habits and history of another Halls resident – Herman the cat.

7. Be wary of a culture where only one voice is heard


“The disdain that I witness from my pro-choice friends in their talk of people like me is quite alienating. I can’t understand the inability to enter into a fair, balanced, objective discourse with me. I have heard people tell me what I am, that as a pro-life student I want control over their wombs.”

Calling for freedom of speech through the eyes and experiences of a pro-life student in Trinity.

6. Life in the Bus Lane


“It’s a tough job. We’re first out in the morning, and last home in the evening. We bring you to work, and home from your pint. […] If it were you in your job, would you be happy to take that abuse when you’re doing your best?”

Dublin Bus driver Colm Meaghar talks to Sam Cox about daily life on the road.

5. Our next great shame?

mosney accomodation centre

‘McClusky was there, a fact that she herself could not believe, and he was shaken. As an attempt to appeal to his business-oriented mentality, she approached him and said: “We are your customers, and you are treating us badly.” The lack of irony or metaphor in his response was chilling: “I know, and I don’t want to lose this business.”’

Following a recent visit to the Direct Provision centre in Mosney, Stacey Wrenn provides us with an insight into the difficult existence of those in the asylum system.

4. College is real, gut-wrenching, terrifying freedom


“What we spend time on becomes a large part of who we are, and so deciding how to spend your time is also about deciding who you want to be.”

The freedom incurred by an unregimented timetable is there to be taken advantage of, Rory O’Sullivan writes.

3.Reclaiming the land: Growing a culture of GAA in Trinity

Fionn O'Riain Broin and his brother Cian on Inside Trinity

‘He got thick, I got thick and I got pulled in front of the Junior Dean. Nothing came of it now but I was literally like: “We’re not on the pitch, we’re not making any mess, we’re not taking the grass up and we’re literally just pucking around here. No one’s around and we’re not going to hurt anybody so what’s the problem?”’

Clare McCarthy sits down with the Trinity Hurlers; Leon Breen, Fionn O’Riain Broin and team captain Darragh O’Donoghue following their promotion to the Fitzgibbon Cup and to find out what really happened on ‘Inside Trinity’.

2. What I’m really thinking: Living with mental health issues


Illustration: Sinaoife Andrews

“I’m afraid of being unable to speak and express myself to the best of my abilities. I’m afraid that people don’t truly know me, and will validate my biggest fear. I am an inherently unlikable being. I care too much about others and find myself excused from class in the bathroom crying at half twelve. Alone, because I’m too proud to admit that, professionally, my anxiety is a problem.”

An anonymous writer bares all on what living with mental health issues means in the context of their daily life in college.

1.Trump’s victory is an affront to his victims — and women everywhere


“Waking up as a woman and survivor of sexual assault to a world where Trump would be president was one that was entirely surreal. It was a vicious reminder that for many people, violence against women is simply not important. It does not rank sufficient highly on their list of priorities to cause them not to vote for a man who brags about grabbing women by their genitalia without their consent.”

Hannah Beresford discusses what Trump’s election means for women and victims of sexual assault everywhere.