Coachellaw: a club night with a cause

As the annual Law Day came to a close, Law Soc hosted an exciting festival-themed club night in aid of Saoirse Women’s Refuge

The (painfully) cleverly-titled Coachellaw wrapped up an action packed Maples Law Day last night, Thursday 24 February, in the newly reopened South William bar on South William Street. Law Day itself proved a tremendous success, despite the temporary threat of raging Storm Doris, seeing eager volunteers shake buckets all across town, lecturers getting pied and awkward chat up lines aplenty in the annual Take Me Out event that evening.

All of this was in aid of the charity ‘Saoirse Women’s Refuge’, who work to address and combat the crime of domestic abuse by providing a safe, supportive and confidential environment through their refuge accommodation, helpline and outreach service. Coachellaw was the last event of the day and the highlight for many of the notorious socialites of the Law school.

The theme of the event was ‘festival’, meaning that flower crowns, hippie pants and facial glitter were all heavily encouraged though unfortunately, weren’t sported by many. The theme was continued through the use of different genres of music in each section of the bar, or ‘tents’. Ultimately that was where the festival theme ended but nobody appeared too disheartened as the pun itself was greatly appreciated by all.

The stand-out aspect of the night was perhaps the venue. South William has only just re-opened so was a brave choice by the Law Society committee. However, it provided a perfect mix of a bar and a club atmosphere in an ideal location. Extremely spacious with lots of separate rooms, two levels and plenty of seating areas, it proved the perfect location for deep and meaningful conversations about jurisprudence and case law at 2am. We were also offered a glass of prosecco or a pint if a coin toss was won, exclusively for Law Day, to the delight of all of us cash-strapped students reaching the end of our first six weeks of college in 2017.

Honestly, the details of the end of the night are altogether more blurry than the start but I can confirm that it was topped off with a trip to McDonalds on Grafton Street as all good nights should be. Despite the rather loose emphasis on the festival theme, a fantastic, carefree night was had by everyone and most importantly, a huge amount of money was raised for Saoirse Women’s Refuge. Coachellaw was an true credit to Trinity’s Law Society and an example to us all as to how charity nights out should be run.