College moves to introduce winter exams

The proposal to introduce winter exams went through the first step of the approval process earlier today

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College has taken the first steps towards introducing winter exams at the end of Michaelmas Term. The proposal to facilitate winter exams alongside existing exams has gone through the first step of approval, following a vote by university Fellows.

More than 60% of Fellows voted in favour of changing university rules to allow flexibility in the timing of exams, thereby allowing for exams in the first semester. Following the vote, the first step in the approval process was conveyed to the university’s board.

The changes must go through a further approval step before being implemented, and are not due to take effect until the 2018-19 academic year.


In an email sent to Trinity News, College said that the decision to introduce exams in the first semester would “reduce the stress surrounding summer exams”. It is also anticipated that the reform will make it easier for students to travel abroad as part of their studies, as well as for students from abroad to come to Trinity. The email also stated that the reform “enjoyed wide support from students”.

In his comment to Trinity News, TCDSU Education Officer Dale Whelehan stated that “”The union is extremely happy with the assent of the fellows, and greatly appreciate the fellows for taking the consideration of the student voice into their decisionfollowing the extraordinary meeting that was organised in which myself and the provost spoke to the concerns of the fellows.”