Day 2 of Jailbreak sees teams race to Italy and meet €50,000 target

The final clue sends the teams south as they continue to fundraise

The second and final day of Jailbreak has kicked off, and the Jailbreak goal of €50,000 has just been reached.

A donation of €100 to Team 51 (Philip  agus Thomas, TCD) at around 1:40pm brought their amount to €1,865, and lifted the overall amount raised by Jailbreak past the €50,000 mark. Fundraising leaders Team 32 (Liam agus Mark, TCD) have raised €2,720. Team 30 (Emma agus Orla,TCD) have raised €1931.

Speaking to Trinity News, Benn Ó hÓgáin from Jailbreak HQ said: “We’ve released the final clue leading to Location X. Teams are racing across Europe, with teams in Rome, Milan, Venice, Verona, Vienna, Paris and right across Germany and the low countries. We also have a team en route to Knock!”

Clue number 7 was revealed at 7am, reading: “Maidin maith, Jailbreakers, it’s time to run, we’d really like you to join us in the sun. As the race begins in earnest, to the south you must go, especially if you want victory go deo.  Let’s make it simply and tell you the truth, there’s no better reason to give co-ordinates the BOOT!”

The eighth clue followed shortly, confirming that the “boot” was referring to Italy: “You’re heading towards Italy, but where will it be? Many locations, however only some beginning with B… Head to this city and you will be in Little Venice, nearing the final location, it’s going to be a menace.”

The ninth and final clue has just been announced: “A tower of three, in a location so small, where in the world will we send you at all? Location X is close, prepare for a climb, to the walled city go, without spending a dime.”

Team 52 (Jack agus Ross, TCD) have finished up the Cumann Gaelach challenge in Vienna, and told Trinity News: “We’re lost, broke, tired, hungry and we’ve just been told to go home to our own country… Absolutely loving it!”

Race leaders Team 97 (Lisa agus Niamh, UCC) checked into Rome at around 2pm. Hot on their tail is Team 69 (Rob agus Roisin, TCD) who are currently in Zagreb, waiting on a bus to Trieste.

Team 8 (Aoife agus Roseanne, Mary I) are in Warsaw, while Team 116 (Mossy and Sean, UCD) are currently travelling from Amsterdam to Brussels.

Although the end of the race is in sight, Benn said: “The fun is not over yet, as teams are likely to be neck-on-neck in their race over the next couple of hours. Katie O’Houlian, Co-Director of Jailbreak is standing by at Location X, eagerly awaiting the JB17 champions!”