Alternative ways to get to Electric Picnic

Whether it’s volunteering, training in First Aid or using your connections, a ticket isn’t the only way into Ireland’s most popular music festival.

With the tickets selling out in five minutes and costing a hefty €240, it’s no surprise that many have found themselves short of a pass to Ireland’s biggest music festival. But fear not, for, in the words of my guidance counsellor looking at my CAO application, there’s always another way in. Whether you’re in want of cash or that magic wristband, here’s four alternative ways into Electric Picnic.

Volunteering with Oxfam

Oxfam is currently accepting applications for volunteers to work at Electric Picnic, as well as other festivals running throughout the summer. No experience is necessary but the charity is looking for people who are “friendly, a good communicator, reliable and committed to helping to build a world without poverty”. The website does claim, however, that certain events are over-subscribed, so it’s best to apply as soon as possible to give yourself the best chance at nabbing a spot.

Apply at:

Becoming a festival volunteer

Perhaps the most obvious way in, Electric Picnic is still accepting applications for volunteers willing to help run the festival over the weekend, in exchange for free entry into the festival and early access to camping sites. 24-hours of work are required, either split into  four 6-hour shifts or three 8-hour shifts. Volunteers are asked to be available on the Thursday before the festival and must pay a €250 deposit which will be refunded after the festival if all the shifts have been done. Tasks include directing traffic, assisting in setting up campsites and checking wristbands.

Apply at:

Join the Order of Malta

It might be a tad excessive to train as a first responder just to get into a festival, but if you’re considering joining anyway, a handy perk is that the Order of Malta is present at Electric Picnic and many other large-scale events. If you live in the Laois area, your local unit will more than likely be at the festival. You might be spending most of your time treating alcohol poisoning and bandaging foreheads, but there’s also a good chance you’ll catch some of the headline acts.

To join, contact your nearest unit at:

Have connections

Easier said than done, but the majority of people that I’ve spoken with who’ve gotten jobs in Electric Picnic have said it’s either been through friends or other contacts, meaning it’s essential you put the word out that you’re looking for an opportunity. Suffice to say that the high demand for jobs at the festival has meant that companies either don’t advertise or do so discreetly, so keep an eye out online for jobs such as bartending, phone charging attendees or dance floor assistants.

Enya O'Connell-Hussey

Enya O'Connell-Hussey is a Staff Videographer for Trinity News.