PROBE: Research Uncovered

PROBE is an annual, pop-up series of events in college that is part of European Researcher’s Night

On Friday, September 29, PROBE: Research Uncovered will kick off in Front Square. PROBE is an annual, pop-up series of events in college that’s part of the hundreds of events which constitute European Researcher’s Night: a continent-wide assortment of talks, events, and research experiments. These are organised to involve expose ordinary people to academic and professional research, and to encourage active participation in discoveries. PROBE is specifically designed to give the public a glimpse of the progress researchers at Trinity are making to solve the world’s problems. This will be the 12th year that European Researcher’s Night has run, and it has been extremely successful in the past. For the event’s 10th anniversary over a million citizens took part, along with 18,000 researchers in over 300 different cities. PROBE starts at 5pm and runs on until 9pm.

This year a slew of events will be on offer, such as a debate on the controversial subject of mandatory vaccination, a build-a-bot workshop called Roboslam where you can build your bot and fight others, and a ukulele play-along event. How about seeing what it’s like being a scientist and touring the Biomedical Science labs, or interacting with a reimagined version of Samuel Beckett’s Play using a virtual reality headset?

Between stand-up comedy on the main stage, a live art production by Olivia Hassett and the Oregon Maple tree in Front Square, and an exclusive performance by the award-winning Mornington Singers at the GMB, PROBE will offer something for everyone to enjoy. There’s even free food.

Head to the following page to see the rest of the programme, which includes artificial intelligence, bee hotels, and satellites no bigger than a loaf of bread: