TCDSU Ents, LawSoc and DUBES join forces to kick off Freshers’ Week

TCDSU Ent’s Freshers’ Week 2017 kicked off Monday night in Dawson’s Street’s Café en Seine. TCDSU Ents, LawSoc and DUBES joined forces to present The Grand Opening, a 1920’s Great Gatsby themed night. Headline acts DJ Deece and Mix & Fairbanks entertained the masses until the early hours.

DU Dance and Trinity Musical Theatre (TMT) hosted the official pre drinks in the Pav, which followed a Chicago themed dance workshop which gave attendees a chance to warm up for the night ahead.

The night kicked off at 10pm, where those who had not secured a ticket earlier in the day lined up in hope to secure entry. All pre event tickets had sold out earlier in the day, with Ents Freshers’ Week wristbands also selling out yesterday. The venue filled up within the first hour, with a line as long as the bouncer’s patience trailing down Dawson Street.

Café en Seine was a diversion from more standard Freshers’ Week venues, with the bar turned club providing an excellent backdrop for the roaring 1920’s theme. The high ceilings along with the vintage, quirky style added to the atmosphere of the night.

One of my personal favourite aspects of the venue was the upstairs balcony where those were lucky enough to find it had a bird’s eye view of the dance floor below, providing a perfect people watching spot. Both the dance floors at the back and front of the venue were packed to capacity, with the overflow spilling out into the smoking area where friends from all years were reunited after the summer.

Providing the entertainment for the night was seasoned veteran DJ Deece, as well as DJ duo Mix & Fairbanks. The two acts are no strangers to performing at large scale events, with both having taken to the stage at Electric Picnic this year. Both acts were hugely well received by the crowds, with the two acts also seeming to enjoy the night themselves also.

The general consensus was that the artists were a definite highlight of the event, with the jam packed dancefloors paying testament to that.

Mary Hartnett

Mary Hartnett is the current Managing Editor of Trinity News. She is a Senior Sophister BESS student, and a former Trinity Life Editor.