Tramline plays host to a salty session for surfers, skiers and students alike

DUDJ, DU Snowsports and DU Surf Club dived into a night of boogying in Tramline for the Thursday of Freshers’ Week

This Freshers’ Thursday saw the newly opened Tramline on Hawkins St play host to DUDJ, DU Snowsports and Surf Club for their collaboration with TCDSU Ents for Deep Freeze: Sea Bass.

This sea session had been in the works for many months, and set to be one of the biggest nights of Freshers’ Week, competing with Club Philth taking place in the Grand Social.

Tickets were on sale all week from the DUDJ, Snowsports and Surf Club stands at the Freshers’ Fair, with the event sold out by Thursday morning.

Deciding to take to the high seas rather than slide to the Grand Social, Deep Freeze offered partygoers the chance to win a free ski trip to Val Thorens run by DU Snowsports; hold on to the raffle ticket you got at the door!

On arrival, Tramline may have been familiar to some as the old Play nightclub. This new venue was totally transformed into an underwater disco. There was a cool deep sea vibe to the venue with orange tinted glowing lights, making me feel like we were partying on board a submarine several hundred feet below sea level, decked out with real netting, buoys and even a boat for added on-theme grandeur.

DU Snowsports Captain Meabh Byrne described the trek the committee undertook to acquire the decor for the night which involved a trip to Howth and an encounter with a kind fisherman called Terry who hooked them up.

Describing Freshers’ Week as a “blur”, Meabh chatted about how excited she was for the buzz of being back with everyone you know and having a good old boogie. Her hope was that it would be a “high quality night; the best night we can make it.”

The three societies made the best effort to provide Freshers and returning students alike a night open to everyone; something that was well-received was the inclusion of gender neutral and disabled bathrooms in the venue to ensure maximum inclusion.

DUDJ were playing in the main room, or “below decks”, delivered as per usual a solid mix of techno tunes to keep the party going well into the early hours of the morning. The crowd seemed to love track after track, and for those who weren’t feeling the techno as much as some, the second room provided a meleé of disco, funk and house.

My only point of concern was the smoking area in the venue: a few barriers on D’Olier St was not a comfortable place to find a perch and chat to your friends.

All in all, the societies really pulled together an entertaining night. It was something a little bit different to your standard club night; the theme really made it fun. Some sailors even dressed on theme in patterned shirts which was a 10/10 for effort. Hopefully we’ll see more collaborations like this from DU Snowsports, DUDJ and DU Surf Club in the future!