Motion passed to remove RAG week committee

The motion follows the expansion of the Ents Committee to 15 people.


A motion proposing the removal of the Raise and Give (RAG) week committee from Trinity College Dublin Students’ Union (TCDSU) was passed at Council tonight.

The initial motion had been proposed by TCDSU Ents Officer Jonah Craig and was seconded by Education Officer Alice MacPherson. The motion follows the expansion of the Ents Committee to 15 people, the addition of a charity liaison officer, and the inclusion of the Volunteer Forum Coordinator in TCDSU’s Union Forum.

The proposal aims to improve the Union’s ability to better manage future RAG week events by passing the role of event preparation directly over to the TCDSU Ents Committee. The 15 new Ents members would assist with the management of charity events.

Speaking on the RAG Week committee, Craig said that the committee has not performed as expected in the past and with the structures already in place within the Ents committee, it would be better managed by Ents.

RAG Week, which takes place at the end of January each year, is responsible for the running of multiple college wide events, with the aim of raising funding for charity. RAG week had been previously been managed by the RAG Week Committee, but this new expansion of the Ents Committee will see the TCD Ents Committee take over the direct management of RAG week.   

Shane Hughes

Shane Hughes is a Deputy Features Editor of Trinity News. He is a Senior Sophister Film Studies student, and a former Assistant News Editor.