Terrific Thrills in Tramline

A truly ‘Notorious’ night was had by attendees at yesterday’s Halloween hip-hop Ents’ event

After a particularly unenjoyable night in Tramline all the way back in Freshers’ Week I was unsure of what to expect from a night that had been labelled as “Notorious”. Thankfully my fears were unfounded as we all rocked to both new club remixes and old favourites, which kept everyone dancing happily until well into the wee hours.

The venue itself is an eclectic mix of concrete, wood and shiny metal, combined to create a unique metro-type experience, which continues even into the bathrooms. Here you will find large oil drum sinks ad copper pipe taps completely submerging its customers in the scene it tries to create. This is well done and separates Tramline from many clubs whose generic decor causes them to fade into the background of the Dublin nightclub scene.

A strange feature of this venue were the ever-ready bathroom attendants, who unlike many others were well stocked. They had products that could help in any sort of emergency which I’m sure lead to a lack of drama on many nights out. From safety pins to hairspray and deodorant these ladies were on the case.

The interesting setting combined with the sheer amount of space really adds to the experience. Thanks to the long bar along the dance floor plus another in the corner there was rarely a long queue for drinks which, as we all know, can put a dampener on even the best of evenings.

Congratulations are certainly in order for the DJ, who kept hoards of students swaying to the beat all night. As opposed to drinking the night away it seemed students were dancing the night away with my friends. I myself only visited the bar a grand total of twice (although this could have been financially driven!).

All in all, anyone I spoke to described it as a great night, and I really must agree, from an unforgettable venue to cracking music Trinity Ents really deserve a pat on the back. I had never been to an Ents event before, but I must say if they are all as enjoyable as this one I will definitely be going again.