This week in Trinity: Fire, flare and fun festivities

How to balance a hectic RAG week

Three weeks back and RAG week is officially here to calm your nerves, make you late to your 9am’s and most importantly aid a good cause. With a week jam-packed with amazing activities, here’s a list of everything to look forward to on campus this week.

Not only is this RAG week, this week will also feature the spectacular ‘Who Cares’, by Christian Union, a week-long event based on life’s big questions and why they matter. This includes a free lunch from Monday to Friday in the Atrium at 12:10 pm and 1pm, an evening of cookies and coffee in the Hist Conversation Room based on purpose, and chats based on Justice on Tuesday at 6:30 pm, featuring a ‘death by chocolate’ treat for all of you with a sweet tooth. The events resume again on Thursday in the Hist Conversation Room at 6:30pm with discussions on suffering and some ice-cream. The week-long eventconcludes on Friday at 6:30pm with a feast of Indian food and the Trinity Network exchange church. These events are open to all those looking for some interesting, in-depth discussions on a variety of modern issues.

Monday will also see the start of DU Players show: ‘What every girl should know’, with tickets at five euro for members and eight euro for newcomers. Monday will also see SOFIA welcoming Russian ambassador Mr Yury Filatov at 7pm in the GMB for a night of political banter.  And let’s not forget that Monday kicks off the beginning of RAG week at 10am in the Front Square for ‘Line of Coin’. The events will continue at 12pm in the attic of house 6 with tarot card reading. The day will end with the old-favourite, ‘Rose of Trinity’ in the Sugarclub, an event not to be missed.

Meanwhile on Tuesday, head over to the Atrium at 6pm for an evening of wine and cheese with French Soc, the perfect opportunity to practice your french for a summer trip. Across campus at 7:30pm in House 7, TMTS will begin the launch of their new musical Evita, which will premiere in mid- February to an excited audience. Tickets are known to sell out fast so make sure to grab yours on Tuesday night. In terms of RAG events, bucket collecting will occur at each of the entrances from 10am to 4pm if you’re looking to donate to a worthy cause. Amnesty will also be hosting a fun-filled tie-dye at the Pav from 2pm to 4pm, where afterwards you can head over to the Exam hall with a team of four for The Big Fat Exam Hall Table Quiz whereyou and your team could grab some tickets to Trinity Ball! And of course, there’s no better way to end your night than in Club Conradh where Cumann Gaelach will be hosting a night of culture and fun.

Wednesday of course brings in another Hist debate, which as usual can be found in the GMB, where this week in collaboration with Polsoc, the topic will be “This House would be a Libertarian” and will kick off at 7:30pm. Wednesday is a highly busy day for many societies participating in the RAG week festivities, beginning bright and early at 9am with a 12 hour cyclathon with VDP. This will be followed by Dubes hosting their own, RAG week Apprentice, which will see teams of 3 rally together for a game of gumball, keep an eye on the page for the time and location. From 11am to 12pm, one can head over to the amnesty room in house 6 for some AmnesTea or maybe pop over for a free lunch in the Seomra na Gaeilge from 1pm to 2pm. The day continues in Doyle’s where Comedysoc will be hosting their own gig from 5:30pm onwards, but if that isn’t your scene then front square will certainly be lit up as Circus-soc will host a display of fire juggling! If you prefer things on the cooler side however, simply head over to the Douglas Hyde Gallery at 7pm, where FashionSoc will be hosting their own show. But if you’re looking to end your night with a bang, the Suas RAG Week Rumble will take place that night in Hangar, an event that will certainly have heads swinging.

Fear not, if you lose your voice from all the yelling during the rumble the night before, then there’s no better way to hide it than on Thursday, where S2S will be running a sponsored silence. For anyone looking to be a little healthier, head over to the sports field at 2pm for Cancersoc’s sports day, followed by a nice cooldown at the Pav, where at 5:30pm, Surfsoc, Snowsports and Flac will be hosting their own pre-drinks. Or you can head over to The Clinical Skills Centre of St. James for the Move HPAT Awareness, which will begin at 5pm. If you prefer something a little different, DU Agsoc will be hosting their own table-quiz in Oldham house from 7:30pm for a chance to test your farming skills. Conclude your night in The Button Factory where you can witness some of the college’s best-known societies partake in Trinity’s Best Dance Crew, followed by a night of dancing in Notorious- certainly not a night to be missed!

As the week draws to a close, the future still beckons, as TCD Frenchsoc will host a careers fair this Friday in Regent House at 2pm, giving many students a chance to think ahead and plan for the summer with potential employers. Across campus, the Trinity Economic Forum, Ireland’s largest student led forum, will occur from Friday to Saturday, offering diverse workshops and panels on highly topical global issues. Tickets are a minimum of eight euro and the event will take place in the TBSI. If you’re looking for something a bit more relaxed, the Fac Blind-date event is perfect for you. Head over to the GMB at 5:30pm to meet the person of your dreams (or at least see someone else do it!). Lastly, if you were lucky enough to acquire a ticket, what better way to end your week than at the Trinity Science Ball at the Ballsbridge Hotel. This much anticipated event will be followed by the final RAG week festivities; the Science Ball afters and another undisclosed event. Location is yet to be announced so keep your eyes peeled throughout the week.

That’s all for now, so get out there, enjoy RAG week and donate to a worthy cause!

Mairéad McCarthy

Mairéad McCarthy is a former Deputy Life Editor for Trinity News.