DIT administration issues to be raised by DITSU at government body meeting

HR administration delays in hiring staff led to the closure of the Northside Student Health Centre for three days.

Credit: William Murphy, Flickr

Dublin Institute of Technology Students’ Union (DITSU) Vice President for Welfare, Roisin O’Donovan, issued a statement following the closure of the Northside Student Health Centre for three days due to HR delays in recruiting staff. O’Donovan stated that the union aims to raise the issue of administration errors by DIT to a government body meeting next month.

In a video statement to students of DIT, O’Donovan said: “We are very disappointed with DIT in their lack of communication with this,” and ensured students that she had worked with the relevant authorities to ensure it wouldn’t happen again.

O’Donovan stated that she plans to raise the issue at an upcoming government body meeting on March 7 to investigate the HR processes which she claims have “caused a lot of difficulties in DIT for societies, teaching staff, counselling services and even libraries ”. O’Donovan concluded her statement by saying that the union wanted to highlight their “disappointment in DIT in this issue”.

Speaking to Trinity News, O’Donovan insisted that the incident was “not acceptable”, and reiterated her intent to work with President of DITSU, Boni Odoemene, to “ensure that similar incidents to not occur in the future”.

She also adds that she “will be requesting that if any campus wide service experiences disruptions in its service that this be communicated to both students and staff to help prevent the upset that has recently occurred”. She says “we expect DIT to investigate their HR recruitment processes so that this doesn’t cause student services to close in the future”.

DIT has not officially commented on the administration delays or the closure.

Eoin O'Donnell

Eoin O'Donnell is the current Leader Writer of Trinity News. He is a Senior Sophister History student, and a former Deputy Comment Editor and Deputy Investigations Editor.