Eleanor O’Mahony elected next Editor of the University Times

O’Mahony defeated Michael McDermott with 58.5%% of the vote

Eleanor O’Mahony, a Senior Sophister European Studies student, has been elected Editor for the University Times (UT) on the count, defeating Michael McDermott.

O’Mahony was elected with 58.5% of first preference votes, or 2,015 votes, whilst McDermott received of 33.5% of first preference votes, or 1,155 votes. The option to re-open nominations (RON) received of 8% first preference votes. Total valid poll was 3,444 with 217 votes deemed invalid. This is the first contested race for Editor of the University Times.

O’Mahony’s plans include the introduction of a creative team, increased alumni engagement, and the introduction of office hours.

O’Mahony has faced questioning on UT’s advertising strategy following the release of a Union Forum report which emphasised the need for an increased focus on advertising revenue in UT. Her manifesto outlined her intentions to seek professional  advice on funding for the paper.

O’Mahony currently holds the position of Deputy Editor and chaired the paper’s Editorial Board from January to July 2016. O’Mahony previously held the position of Assistant News Editor, and Leader of Election Coverage from February to March 2016. She has been involved in the Society for International Affairs, Trinity Enactus and the Voluntary Tuition Programme, as well as serving as class rep for two years.

Commenting before the race O’Mahony said: “Obviously the count night is a tense night for everyone involved. I’m hoping that the electorate understand how experienced I am and how much I care about the University Times, and how I have tried to hammer home throughout this race how much of a service, a vital service, the University Times really is for students.”

McDermott ran a joke campaign for UT Editor, running on a platform of increased coverage of Spiderman. He also ran a separate campaign for President.

Trinity News predicted that Eleanor O’Mahony would gain 48.5% of the vote, with Michael McDermott polling 34.7%. RON was predicted to win 10% of the vote.