Trinity alumni Michael Moloney is named new head of the American Institute of Physics

Dr. Moloney received his PhD in experimental physics from Trinity

Trinity alumni Michael Moloney is to become the next chief executive of the American Institute of Physics (AIP). Dr. Moloney, an experimental physicist, was head-hunted by an executive search committee and subsequently unanimously approved by the AIP’s board of directors. He assumes the role of CEO on March the 5th.

The American Institute of Physics is a prestigious nonprofit federation composed of 10 societies, which represent more than 120,000 physicists, engineers, educators and students globally. The institute was founded in 1931 and uses its budget of US$74m (€59.3m) to advance and promote the physcial sciences for the benefit of society – through grants, fellowships, advocacy, and awards programs. The institute publishes the top magazine of the field, Physics Today, is the home of the Niels Bohr Library and Archives, and conducts statistical research on educational and workforce issues in the field of physics.

Dr. Moloney received his undergraduate degree in experimental physics from the UCD School of Physics, and was awarded the Thomas E. Nevin Medal as the top student in physics achieving a first-class honours. He has long represented the Irish government in the United States of America, having served both in the Irish embassy in Washington, and as the Irish mission to the United Nations in New York. In the past Dr. Moloney has held positions on the Space Studies Board and at the Aeronautics and Space Engineering Board, both of the US National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine. These are among the largest units at the National Academies, and play a crucial role in guiding US policy.

Dr. Moloney has said that he is looking forward to leading the AIP, and to embracing the opportunities the institute, its societies, and humanity at large will face in the 21st century. He stated: “Science is rapidly changing and becoming more interdisciplinary, and the fields of physical science connect like never before.

“So much of our modern life is dependent on technology. Technology, in turn, is based on the underlying fundamental discoveries of science. Our collective future, therefore, will continue to be linked to progress being made by the scientists and engineers who are members of the professional societies that constitute AIP. I look forward to working with the AIP community to ensure we can continue to advance and promote the physical sciences for the benefit of all of us.”

Dr. Moloney’s appointment follows the retirement of AIP’s previous CEO, Robert G. W. Brown, who retired last May.