Trinity alumnus appointed as CEO of American Institute of Physics

Michael H Moloney, who received his doctorate in experimental physics from Trinity College, has previously worked for both the Irish Government and the Space studies board.

Photo Credit: Joe McCallion/ Trinity News

The American Institute of Physics (AIP) has announced the appointment of Trinity College alumnus Michael H Moloney as is its new CEO.

Founded in 1931, the not-for-profit organisation consists of ten societies which collectively represent more than 120,000 scientists, educators, engineers and students worldwide.

Moloney began his third level education at University College Dublin (UCD), graduating with a first-class honours degree in experimental physics in 1988. He was awarded the Thoman E Nevin Medal, an award which is given by the UCD College of Science to the student who scores highest in their final exams. He went on to further his education at Trinity, where he later received his doctorate in experimental physics.

Moloney has previously held positions which include being the director for space and aeronautics at the Space Studies Board and working for the Aeronautics and Space Engineering Board of the US National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine, a position he held for the last eight years.

These two organisations are instrumental in shaping US space policy, as well as developing aeronautics and space research priorities at NASA and other US agencies.

Moloney’s also spent time working as a foreign service officer for the Irish Government, serving at both the Irish Embassy in Washington DC, and the Irish Mission to the United Nations in New York.

This is not Moloney’s first interaction with the AIP; in 2011 he was awarded a special citation by the group for his leadership on the survey New Worlds, New Horizons in Astronomy and Astrophysics. Moloney was also inducted into the International Academy of Astronautics in recognition of his work on space policy.

According to the AIP, Moloney said: “I look forward to working with the AIP community to ensure we can continue to advance and promote the physical sciences for the benefit of all of us.”

Speaking on his appointment, John Regazzi, chairman of the AIP board of directors, said: “His years at the National Academies and his policy and media experience distinguish him as a strategic leader who knows how to foster the translation of fundamental scientific knowledge into practical programs that create value in our community and benefit everyone.”

Hugh McInerney

Hugh McInerney is the host and producer of Trinity News' podcast.