Dining Hall locked down leaving protesters without access to bathrooms

The Dining Hall has been locked down by security, where students are allowed out but not back into the Dining Hall as the Take Back Trinity occupation continues this evening. Approximately 50 students remain inside. 

The Senior Common Room has been locked, so there will be no bathrooms access for students who are still occupying the building

In a tweet sent from the official Trinity College Dublin Students’ Union (TCDSU) twitter account, the Union said: “Latest reports from the #OccupyTCD: Students have been locked inside the Dining Hall. Access to water, toilets and food has been cut off. #TakeBackTrinity.”

In a statement to Trinity News, the group said: “External Security services are now blocking all entrances into the Dining Hall. Security have made it clear that no food or water will be permitted into the Dining hall. Toilet access has also been cut off. Students will be permitted to leave the building if they wish.”

The statement contained: “Access to all other parts of the Dining hall have been cut off, and students have been warned that the doors are now alarmed. If the alarm is triggered an emergency response unit will be immediately sent.”

“The occupation started yesterday when a body of approximately 60 students occupied and secured the Dining Hall in Trinity. This was a peaceful occupation, with students allowed to enter and leave the building freely up until till now,” the statement concluded.

This comes after students protested outside the Book of Kells, Front Gate and Nassau Street yesterday, with student protesters occupied the Dining Hall for a second day to protest the introduction of supplemental fees at a flat rate of €450.

Yesterday afternoon, Vice Provost said to RTE News that he defends “student’s right to protest,” while also adding that the introduction of supplemental fees would make the system “fairer” for students, allowing the College to introduce modular billing.

Seana Davis

Seana Davis is a fourth year Geology student and News Editor of Trinity News.