Take Back Trinity movement appoints summer committee

The meeting was held at the Uí Chadhain Theatre in the Arts Building

Photo Credit: Michael Foley/ Trinity News

The Take Back Trinity movement elected a committee of 21 students today to manage the running of the group over the summer in the Uí Chadhain Theatre in the Arts Building.

Before the election, much of the discussion was centred on the structure and nature of the committee. Graduate Students Union (GSU) president Shane Collins suggested a committee of 12. “I’m not for limiting people participating but it’s going to be very difficult to coordinate things with 16 people.” 

Students at the meeting eventually agreed to have a committee of 21 people, allowing everyone who was interested to have a place, after a few students argued that it was important not to exclude those who wanted to contribute from the functioning of the group over the summer.

The grassroots movement was launched by students after the proposed introduction of a €450 supplemental fees on March 5.

College Board reversed the decision to implement supplemental fees following sustained student protest, including the occupation of the Dining Hall. Around 50 students took part in the occupation which attracted support from Trade Unions, TDs and senators.

Before the introduction of supplemental fees, 80% of a valid poll of over 3,500 students voted against the introduction of supplemental fees in Trinity College Dublin Students’ Union (TCDSU) non-binding preferendum.

Speaking to Trinity News at the time of the proposed introduction of supplemental fees, former TCDSU president and current senator for the Trinity Panel, Lynn Ruane, said that “students have had to bear the financial burden of college austerity for years through increased college fees, without even mentioning the pressures of the housing crisis and the rising cost of living”.