Around the world to tramline

In the second night out of Fresher’s week, Trinity Ents teamed up with DU Players, DU Dance and Trinity Musical Theatre to bring you a night of underground drama

Last night, Trinity Ents, DU Players, DU Dance and Trinity Musical Theatre teamed up to bring Cabarave to Tramline. The second night in Trinity Ents’ repertoire of nights out for fresher’s week, it promised an underground and unforgettable experience and it did not disappoint with an impressive venue packed with cheap drinks and music from Notions DJ’s.

The Phil, Vincent de Paul and Players hosted prinks ‘Freshers Night: Around the World’. Starting in the Hist room, or Paris, before heading to the Phil conversation room or Havana before the final destination in prinks in Tokyo, looked after by Players. The prinks kept fresher’s moving, giving them a glimpse of different societies in their domains and helping ease those awkward introductory conversations.

Tramline brought an end of the brief world tour. The venue was an excellent choice not just conveniently close to campus but a nice change from the typical town venues. They promised a night of drama, and there was a real sense of that as you descended the stairs underground into a room dimly lit with streamers of gold. The atmosphere soon intensified as people quickly rushed in with the place nearly full by eleven o’clock.

With remarkably cheap drinks soon the place was buzzing with first years eagerly introducing themselves as they swayed to Notions DJ’s. With two first years eagerly grabbing my friend and me insisting they were going to meet as many people as possible tonight it was evident why these events are important as students mingled. Albeit if the cheap drinks were anything to go by, I’m sure many of the friendships forged may have been forgotten this morning.

The one disappointment of the night was the promise of costumes being awarded prizes were not met with apparent enthusiasm, though there was probably more glitter in Tramline on people’s faces than at the whole of EP. With the artistic societies being so heavily involved in the planning you might have expected a bit more dramatic fashion taste. Though there were one or two first years who trundeled through with their backpack of goodies from freshers fair intact on their back, as they seem to have yet to learn the glory of the cloakroom.

If the second night of the ents fresher’s week event is anything to go by, the rest of the week promises to be as fun with opportunities to meet new people, whether you’re just up for going to prinks or for the full night out. Tomorrow you can catch Trinity ents in D2 for ‘Eat Sleep Reamh Aris’ in coalition with DUBES, Law Soc and Cumann Gaelach.

Georgina Francis

Georgina Francis is a former Managing Editor, Life Editor and Assistant Life Editor of Trinity News.